Concrete Services

With DECCO concrete paving services, you get long-lasting concrete  with considerable compressive strength.  You also get a team committed to unsurpassed quality and professionalism.  Because concrete can support heavy loads, it's typically used in areas such as dumpster pads or loading areas.  It's also used for drainage areas because it doesn't absorb water and lasts longer than other construction materials.   If your concrete is crumbling, it's not only unsightly, it can also be dangerous.  Not just to pedestrians, but to vehicle traffic.  DECCO Contractors can demolish your existing concrete surface, remove it completely, and replace it quickly and efficiently.  We can help you decide the best material and approach for any area you're considering repairing or building. We can also adjust curing times to ensure urgent projects, such as high-use sidewalks or bus stops, and can be reopened to traffic as soon as possible.