Commercial Asphalt Services

Asphalt removal and replacement is necessary when the surface has been neglected and not maintained.  In these cases, water infiltration undermines the sub-grade material and must be replaced.  DECCO Contractors provides asphalt removal and replacement for projects of all sizes.   Our services will improve your asphalt surface and fix depressions and drainage issues.  In addition, we recycle 100% of the asphalt removed. 

Asphalt patching is the most effective repair option when a surface has been neglected and water infiltration has undermined the sub-grade material.  In this case, removal and replacement is necessary.  DECCO Contractors asphalt patching improves functionality, repairs damages and fixes depressions and drainage issues.  We deliver the highest quality materials and service in every circumstance, whether it's a long -term project or an emergency repair that must be fixed soon.  We'll complete your repairs on time and within budget.

Adequate drainage of your asphalt pavement is critical to prolonging the life of your asphalt investment.  Poor drainage can cause potholes, cracking, surface deterioration, safety hazards and many other serious problems which can result in complete failure of your asphalt pavement.   A DECCO estimator can evaluate your property and recommend a long term drainage solution.

Asphalt milling.  The milling process is the controlled removal of asphalt pavement to a predetermined depth, slope and / or specified thickness.  This process is often used to improve drainage flow and remove pavement irregularities.  It is also used to remove deteriorated pavements for patching, overlaying or to re-establish proper profile for the existing and / or new curb and gutter.


Edge of paving milling.  Edge milling is the process of milling the asphalt areas directly adjacent to concrete curbs, gutter pans and structures such as manhole covers to a specified width and depth.  We edge mill to tie into the elevations of the existing concrete and metal structures.  Asphalt is removed along the perimeter to allow proper depth of asphalt on the edge, but most importantly to preserve the appropriate drainage patterns on the asphalt surface.

Full width milling.  This process is milling to a specified depth on the entire asphalt street and / or parking lot.