At DECCO Contractors - Paving Inc., we take pride in the quality of our craft, and residential driveways happens to be one of our many specialties.  We understand that our customers work hard for their homes and properties.  DECCO spares no expense to ensure that our customers feel confident that they have hired a responsible, reasonable, and trustworthy contractor to provide professional paving services to their home.


 Here's a look at how asphalt paving can increase your home's value.

  • Curb appeal:  Having good curb appeal can make your home more attractive overall.  A house can be super nice, but if the driveway is in disrepair, it's what people are going to notice first.

  • Value of paving:  Another think to think about is that the cost of the driveway will most likely be added to the value of your home.  The actual amount depends on a number of factors.

  • Asphalt over concrete:  Last but not least, you need to think about the cost.  Asphalt is going to last 15 to 30 years or more when installed correctly and can cost around 40% less than concrete.​

Other reasons to choose asphalt paving:

  • Your neighborhood:  The value of your home is based somewhat on the value of other homes in your area.  That being said, if you have a very nice driveway and your neighbors don't, it can really make your house stand out, and in a good way!

  • Affordable:  Yes, we're going to bring up price again.  The reason is simple.  It doesn't make sense to pay more for a driveway if you can save money.  Asphalt paving is affordable and will stand up to the test of time.  All you have to do is get a quote to find out how much you can save.

  • The environment:  Believe it or not, going with asphalt can also have a positive effect on the environment.  Porous asphalt pavements can lower surface temperatures at night.  Additional, asphalt plants have very low emissions. 

Our mission is to provide the very best experience during your paving services and we thrive to satisfy our clients.   DECCO understands that every customer is a potential lead to another business opportunity and our good name is only backed by our finished product.  Therefore, you can feel confident keeping your best interest in mind is in our best interest as well.  We are proud to be a company with experience and pride in their work to provide you a driveway you'll be happy with.

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Residential Driveways